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Perimeter Pest Control


We establish a barrier to prevent an unwanted pest invasion and in effect, set up outside force field to keep bugs away from the home. The specialist walks the perimeter and knocks down insect habitats with the webster, helping to reduce the population and protect your home.

Early summer

An array of products are used with an eye for detail; we continue the protection around the structure of your home, inspecting and applying the right products as needed.


Your Precision specialist continues to strengthen the barrier with industry-leading products. If there are any signs of unwanted pests forming a habitat. The specialist will eliminate the threat. Throughout the treatment, your specialist will inspect and apply products to give you maximum protection.

Late Summer

Necessary products designed for continued protection for your home and used inspecting and applying the right products as needed.

Early Fall

Your Precision specialist will continue with result-driven technique and application practices. The specialist will reinforce the barrier, inspect the perimeter and treat areas to protect your home from unwanted pests.